Garden photosIt certainly hasn’t been an ordinary summer at my house, and I’ve already confessed that the garden I normally pamper and fuss over has been sorely neglected this year. But even a relatively unproductive garden can be a real source of pleasure. I recently got a new lens for my camera, and these are just a few random shots I had fun taking. Above is one perfect sunflower, shot in bright sunlight.

Early season watering mishaps have cut down on tomato crops, but there are still a few tomatoes hanging on!

This is looking through the sunflowers and flowers on the edge of my garden towards the deck on the west.

And finally, my very favorite flower is bee balm, which I should have photographed sooner before it lost so many petals, but I love the looks of this flower at every stage.

It was fun hearing from other gardeners about their tomatoes last week. If you have a garden, I’d love to hear what other vegetables or flowers you love to grow.

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