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Friday Night Photos: 2008 Downtown Alliance Farmer’s Market in Salt Lake City

I’m wanting to improve my photography and friends who are good photographers advise me to take lots of photos, so I’ve been trying to take my camera with me everywhere. Sometimes the photos are things I think my blog readers might be interested in, so I thought it might be fun to start posting them once in a while. This first batch of pictures is from the Salt Lake City Farmer’s Market, held Saturday mornings at Pioneer Park from 8:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.

A cute young vendor who proudly showed off her dad’s cheese.

Crumb Brother’s Bakery, where there was a big line for cinnamon rolls.

The friend I went with always likes the figs from Liberty Heights Fresh.

Really great options for gardeners who haven’t planted their herbs yet.

This farmer selling Tatsoi turned out to be
the father of a former student of mine!

Really wonderful looking peas, but I don’t remember
the name of the farm.

You can see my Farmers Market posts from other years by clicking the label Salt Lake City Farmers Market.
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26 comments on “Friday Night Photos: 2008 Downtown Alliance Farmer’s Market in Salt Lake City”

  1. Well, these pics are terrific, Kalyn. My fav though is the little girl. Great focus and lighting! I think you’ve got the touch.

  2. Wonderful photos, thanks!

  3. That photo of the little girl is a prize winner! Good job!

  4. Tanna and Barbara, thanks. I was slow to enter the digital camera age, but I’m loving it now.

    Camille, will stop by and say hello for sure.

  5. Hi Kaylyn,

    I work for the Salt Lake Downtown Allinace and also managae the Art & Craft Market portion of the Farmers Market. I always love to see when you blog about the market. The market has grown so much over the years and is a labor of love for so many. Stop by the info booth at the Art & Craft Market sometime. I’d love to meet you in person.

    Camille Winnie

  6. great photos Kalyn. I must say carrying my camera with me more often.

  7. Those are really wonderful photos Kalyn. Really wonderful of the little girl!! We are so lucky to have digital cameras. I think my pictures improved some just because I started see what I’d done soon after I did it.

  8. Wheresmymind, next time I go to the market I’ll be sure to tell him!

  9. The guy with the Apron looks like the Seattle Seahawks coach 🙂

  10. Laurie, it’s very odd because I’m getting lots of e-mail, but obviously not all of it. Anyway, glad I did get yours.

  11. Thanks Kalyn. FYI, I’ve sent you emails from my hotmail account and also from my netscape account (I don’t use outlook). The first email I sent about my whb entry was on last Monday (to help you figure out how long you haven’t been getting emails).

  12. Great photos and what a nice market! You are very lucky to have something that good so close by.

  13. Hi Paz, thanks.

    Laurie, I didn’t get the e-mail, but will go collect your link right now so I don’t miss it.

  14. We all can improve our photography skills, but I think you do a pretty good job already. And you certainly got my mouth watering thinking about those figs! Kalyn, on WHB, I’ve sent you multiple emails about my entry – I’m concerned you haven’t received them since I haven’t heard back from you.

  15. Love all your photos! Your Farmer’s Market looks very nice.


  16. Nicole, thanks! That is the plan, to do it most Fridays. I want to do it partly to remind me to take pictures for fun, if that makes any sense!

  17. Great photos, Kalyn! You’re becoming a great photographer. Don’t worry so much about improving, as long as you’re having fun, the photos will reflect that and you will continue to improve without effort. I really hope you keep sharing these types of photos, they’re so full of life!

  18. Ilva, thanks! I’m really trying to learn.

  19. Lovely photos Kalyn, and I do agree with Cookiecrumb, real good portraits!

  20. Foodierachel, it is such a nice market. I don’t go much later in the summer when I have my own garden stuff, but I do love it.

    Sonya, how nice that I brought back memories for you. I shopped at that Smiths for years before they improved the one on 2100 South. And glad to hear you liked the frittata.

    Cookiecrumb, thanks! Actually I take photos of people a LOT at family events, but usually I just post them on our family blog. I have a lot to learn about photography, but taking pictures of kids is one of my favorite things to do!

    Arundathi, thanks. She was so cute!

    Jo, I did buy the tatsoi and had fun cooking it.

    Grace, thanks.

  21. great photos indeed.

  22. I hope you bought some of his tatsoi, it’s yummy!

  23. love your photos – love the little girl!! beautiful! 🙂

  24. Your human photos knock me OUT.
    Who knew? So nice to see this side of you.

  25. Oh how I miss living in downtown SLC! In 1995 we lived in a charming old apartment building at 470S 1300E with our 1 year old. I LOVED walking the streets for hours. Checking out the beautiful neighborhoods, walking downtown, to Smith’s and Trolley Square. Pushing the baby in the stroller, the baby weight just melted off…

    BTW, the artichoke fritatta was loved by all the other night. Thanks!

  26. I am SOOO jealous of your farmer’s market!

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