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Friday Night Photo: The Best Birthday Present Ever!

Birthday PostcardsJust one photo this week, but a heartwarming story to go with it. If you follow me on Twitter, or if you saw the comments on my birthday post of Sixty Things I’ve Learned in Sixty Years, then you heard about this. Yes, it was my sixtieth birthday, and my sister Valerie and her incredibly cute kids surprised me with sixty postcards in the mail telling “Sixty Things We Love About Aunt Kalyn.”

I figured a surprise this good deserves some official recognition on the blog, so above are the postcards which must have taken hours and hours to write. Thanks Val and kids; I loved the postcards! Hopefully these kids will be staying at my house for a day or two over the Christmas holidays, and we’ll have some fun times.

I am grateful to have such a wonderful family. On my fiftieth birthday my sister Laurel organized everyone and they sent me 50 roses, also a pretty great birthday surprise!

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    27 Comments on “Friday Night Photo: The Best Birthday Present Ever!”

  1. What a wonderful idea that is. I will have to steal it sometime when my sister turns 50. I am the older and wiser sister:D

  2. Oh man, that is so awesome. Very heartwarming. I imagine you are more than deserving of 60 things and beyond. Much continued love on your milestone~

  3. Natashya, I’m not even thinking about 70 for at least 9 more years!

    Suzie, thanks.

    Z, yes the blog was one of the sixty things, plus my sister also put learning about herbs on one card too.

    CC, love you too. And we’re both young at heart, which is what counts.

    Dani, thanks.

    Genie, it’s yours!

    Siri, thanks.

    Cheryl, thanks, and there’s a link in the post to the sixty things.

    Pam, I did think it was pretty wonderful. I hope my sister sees this post.

  4. That is wonderful!

  5. how sweet! and happy birthay.

    so do we get to know the 60 things or do we have to come up with 60 more in the comments section??
    I’ll start: you have an amazing generous spirit to take so much time to share your wisdom and recipes.
    have a wonderful birthday!

  6. You are so lucky to have such a lovely and caring family Kalyn. Guess I missed your birthday, so belated birthday wishes to you! ..:)

    Cheers to many such wonderful moments,

  7. Kalyn, I love this gift idea, and don’t think I won’t be stealing it! Fabulous…I’m so glad you shared this pic with us.

  8. Happy birthday Kalyn!

  9. You know, of course, that I think you’re about as young as me.
    And I’m about as old as you! So, see?
    love to you

  10. Well I hope one of the sixty was “Kaylyn’s Kitchen.” If not please add it. Actually that would make 61 and we aren’t ready for that. Save it for next year.

    🙂 Z

  11. How heart warming ! what an imaginative and loving gesture – thanks for sharing the inspiration Kalyn!
    Isn’t it neat how the generosity keeps giving on to different circles?!

    Happy Saturday before Christmas!
    Suzie :O)

  12. What a great tribute to a great lady! Wonder what’s for the 70th?

  13. Thanks everyone; it’s true I do have an amazing and wonderful family. I feel very blessed to have landed in this family.

  14. What a unique and memorable present for a unique person. A great idea.
    Have a lovely weekend and holiday.

  15. What a clever and thoughtful gift. You are a lucky aunt! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Your sister . . . just awesome!

  17. happy birthday! that is one of the most thoughtful, creative presents i have ever seen. 🙂 what a wonderful family you have!


  19. That is the most amazing present! Lucky you to have such a great sis (who’s also so creative!). Just keeps that birthday going on and on! 🙂

  20. What a great family you have! Happy 60th birthday.