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Friday Night Links: Photography, Hunger Challenge, Pressure Cookers, and Frugal Recipes

This summer I started posting Friday Night Photos as a way to share photos I was taking to practice my photography. Of course summer ended, and it was inevitable that a Friday night would come when I hadn’t taken any photos that week. I have found some fun things around the web though, so here are some Friday Night Links you might find interesting.

If you’re a food blogger, don’t miss the fantastic primer on Food Photography for Bloggers at Vegan Yum Yum. I’ve already changed how I take photos a little from what I read there.

Speaking of photography, Bea of La Tartina Gourmande shared an amazing set of photos of Crete in her post South of Greece, There is Crete. This island has now to the top of my list of “must visit” places.

A group of San Francisco food bloggers are participating in the challenge of eating on the $3.00 a day that people get on food stamps. Alanna has done a great job of introducing The Hunger Challenge – How to Eat on $3 a Day at BlogHer.

Whole Foods sponsored a contest for bloggers to develop frugal recipes, and some of my favorite food bloggers are among the finalists. Check out the Budget Recipe Challenge, and if you take time to register and leave a comment in support of your favorite food blogger recipe, you might win a $500 gift certificate to Whole Foods.

Finally, at BlogHer this week, I asked Have You Tried Cooking in a Pressure Cooker?

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    7 Comments on “Friday Night Links: Photography, Hunger Challenge, Pressure Cookers, and Frugal Recipes”

  1. Pam, I’d say you’re already a pretty good photographer, but I agree it was a great post. I learned a lot!

    Karen, really looking forward to trying out the pressure cooker.

  2. Kalyn
    I saw your post on Blogher about the pressure cooker debate. I’m so excited you got a pressure cooker. I have a Kuhn Rikon I got a few years ago and while I love it for the few dishes I have tried and perfected in it (lentil soup, beef stew), I really underutilize it. I’m hoping some great posts from you might inspire me to try some new ideas!

  3. Kalyn thanks for the great links. I love the food photography one! I took notes on that one and hope to have better photos in the future!

  4. I don’t know anything about feeding a dog, so I’m going to stay out of that one. However, I’m glad people found the links interesting.

    The SF bloggers who did the Hunger Challenge are eating a lot of things like beans, lentils, and pasta. I’m not sure I could do it, but it’s an admirable undertaking.

    I did order a pressure cooker, so I’ll be trying some of the recipes I found.

  5. Valerieanne – Onion is very toxic to dogs. Doesn’t your dog deserve better than ground up carcass soaked in broth made with onions? I do the same thing for my dogs, only I make them onion-free broth and they eat chicken-meat, not chicken skin, bones, and cartilage. Although a bit of this isn’t harmful, provided there is nothing to choke on, as you’ve indicated, it doesn’t sound like balanced nutrition for your dog.

  6. Valerianne has a great idea about making the broth and feeding the dogs. I save the ends and pieces of my non-cruciferous veggies (no broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, etc. as they make broth stinky) and save them, either in the frig or freezer, to make broth. There’s great $ savings and the broth is so much better than the stuff in boxes or cans. I compost the spent veggies and feel good about it.
    If you cut way down on the animal proteins, eating on $3 a day is likely doable, especially if eat plenty of beans, grains, and locally available produce (or grow your own).
    Most of us could learn to be more frugal, while eating well.
    Great blog and blog post.

  7. I like the frugal challenge. $3/day seems impossible unless you are eating ramen noodles. I suggest a book called Tightwad Gazette for ideas. I’ll bet your library has it. I think everyone on food stamps should read this book. I wonder if the government gives people frugal strategies?
    I use the pressure cooker like my crockpot. The recipes and results are quite similar. The pressure cooker saves time. Here’s my frugal pressure cooker tip: after we eat roast chicken, I save all the bones, gristle and skin. I us it to make broth in the pressure cooker. Whenever I cut up an onion, I save the tops and some of the skin in the freezer. I throw those into my broth recipe. I simmer it under pressure for about 40 minutes or until the bones are easily crushed with my fingers. I strain it and put the solids into the food processor. I grind it down and feed it to my dog. (I take out the hard pieces and peppercorns.) Sometimes I don’t have time to make broth right away and I freeze the bones for later. The broth is really rich and extremely nutritious from the collagen in the gristle and calcium in the bones. It would be safer to do this with organic chickens. I freeze the broth if I don’t use it in soup right away.