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Five Favorite Bean Soups or Stews for Autumn

Pinto Bean and Ground Beef Stew with Cumin and CilantroFor this week’s edition of Friday Favorites I thought it would be fun to revisit some of the favorite soups or stews I’ve made with dried beans, starting with this Pinto Bean and Ground Beef Stew with Cumin and Cilantro. This stew made in the pressure cooker may look like chili, but there’s no chile powder in the recipe. There are instructions for making this with canned pinto beans and cooking on the stovetop too, if you’re not yet converted to the joys of the pressure cooker.

This Sausage, Peppers, and Cannellini Bean Stew with Parmesan is made in the crockpot, and it would be perfect for the kind of cold weather we’re supposed to be having in Utah this weekend.

When I made this Navy Bean and Refried Bean Stew with Ham, Leeks, and Tomatoes, I didn’t think it was all that photogenic, but my nephew Jake and my brother Rand liked it so much I decided it needed to go on the blog.

There are both crockpot or stovetop instructions for this Cannellini Bean and Kale Soup with Ham and Sherry Vinegar. If you still have some kale in your garden like I do, this soup would be a perfect way to use it.

Another favorite bean soup that has instructions for the crockpot or stovetop is this Garbanzo Bean Soup with Garlic, Sumac, Olive Oil, and Lemon. If you like falafel or hummus, you’ll love this soup!

All these fall favorite soups are being added to the Recipe Favorites section of the newly-updated recipe archives. If you haven’t noticed the changes, check them out over on the upper left side of the blog. You can find more tasty soups and stews with dried beans in the category for Soup, Stew, and Chili.

See more favorite recipes I’ve featured on Friday by using the label Friday Favorites.

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21 comments on “Five Favorite Bean Soups or Stews for Autumn”

  1. I never tire of bean soup recipes. Every one of these looks fabulous. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. I want to make each one of these! I love bean soups and stews, and with so many root vegetables available at the farm stand now, I see endless possibilities.

  3. Mags and Lydia, thanks and so glad you liked them!

  4. I keep an assortment of canned Eden Organics beans on hand for soups and stews (or for a variety of other reasons). They are the only company using BPA-free cans (they have since 1999). Plus, the beans are non GMO, etc. I like making my own beans from dried sources, but it sure is nice to throw a can of beans into the pot and be able to come up with so many versions of winter soups. Thanks for all the variations you provide here. I've never used ground beef in a soup, but yours looks delicious. Will give that a try as it's definitely "hearty soup" weather around here now.

  5. Yum~ It is soup weather!
    Another friday's favorite for sure 🙂

  6. Kalyn, I just tried the top soup three days ago! I didn't have ground meat so I used ground pork sausage, instead. It was delicious, but more surprising, it was even more delicious the next day!

    Thank you for sharing your delicious recipes!


  7. Glad people are liking the bean soup recipes, and how fun to get a comment from someone who recently tried one of these recipes.

    I do use canned beans, but also cook them in the pressure cooker, and lately I've been cooking beans in a slow cooker and then freezing. I'm actually going to write a post about that sometime soon.

  8. All so perfect for this time of year, Kalyn! I love how you have so many recipes for us to choose from. 😉


  9. Thanks Shirley. I decided to start doing this Friday Favorites thing when I realized I had so many favorites that I needed some kind of organized way to spotlight them and add them to the Recipe Favorites category!

  10. Kalyn
    Love the favorites! These all look wonderful, just wish it was cooler here right now.

  11. Susie and I just wish it was warmer here right now, lol!

  12. I think cumin is such a wonderful flavor for any soup. This looks delicious Kalyn.

  13. Lea Ann, cumin is definitely one of my favorite flavors too. I like it in everything!

  14. A very nice selection of soups! A wide variety, to satisfy different taste. I should explore the one with kale, as I still have kale in my little garden.

  15. LOVE the sausage and pepper one. I am literally sitting my desk eating the leftovers of it from last week. Definitely a must try.

  16. Thanks Simona! I still have kale too and I've been feeling guilty about not using it, lol!

    Ring Drunk, glad you like that one!

  17. Love all the ingredients especially the spices. Beans are sooooo good for you!

  18. Thanks Heather. I'm definitely a spicy girl when it comes to soup!

  19. Mmmmm…I love bean soups and stews in the fall/winter months. So comforting and homey.

  20. Glenna, thanks. (Me too!)

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