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Five Things on Friday (10-7-11)

Photo of Flower Power Eggs from Apron Strings

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a Friday collection of internet wanderings and this was definitely an emotional week on the web, with the loss of a true American genius making many of us reflect on just how computers have impacted our lives.  Keep reading for the latest collections of links I think are worth a click sometime this weekend.

Thank You Steve Jobs

When the news broke on Wednesday that Steve Jobs had died, it felt like the entire internet paused to reflect on how his vision had touched our lives.  I can’t stop thinking about the circle of life in which a man who spent his life sharing his dream with millions left a legacy of technology that enables millions to better share their personal dreams as well.  Thanks Steve Jobs, for leaving our world so much better than it was when you entered it.  Endless fans and friends have written tributes to him, and The Blog That Ate Manhattan has done a great job of collecting some of the best Tributes Remembering Steve Jobs.  

Flower Power Eggs

Apron Strings is written by a a talented mother-daughter pair who come up with some of the most interesting food creations you’ll find on the web.  This week I loved Donna’s Flower Power Eggs (pictured above), and yes I do remember those flower power days!

How to Make Sourdough Bread

My Grandma Denny was famous for her sourdough bread, and when you went to her house she always had sourdough starter in the fridge.  I thought of Grandma’s sourdough starter when Nicole at Pinch My Salt did a series of posts on How to Make Sourdough Bread.  Nicole covers the entire process, from photos of the starter growing day-by-day to pictures of the finished bread.
How to Freeze and Reheat Soup
I get questions all the time about whether certain recipes will freeze well, and just in time for winter Lydia at Soup Chick has written a great piece about How to Freeze and Reheat Soup.  Even if you think you’re fairly savvy about freezing, I’m guessing you might learn a few things from this post.
Why You Should Get a Dog Instead of a Facelift
Finally, a post written by a plastic surgeon who’s also an expert on dogs about Why You Should Get a Dog Instead of a Facelift.  This isn’t new, but I just discovered it recently and immediately saved it in my file of things worth sharing!
Happy weekend everyone, and if you’ve seen something noteworthy this week that we should be taking time to read, please let us know about it on the comments.
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    20 Comments on “Five Things on Friday (10-7-11)”

  1. Kelsum, I agree about Steve Jobs. I must try those flower power eggs!

  2. I think Steve Jobs touched everyone's life who ever used a computer. I remember my PC days dreaming about owning a Mac. Then came the 'i' things and things became accessible! I Love love the flower idea. IT can be used in so many creative ways!

  3. Anne yes, so sad about Steve Jobs. I don't even think we can quite comprehend what a loss it is.

    How nice to hear you are using my recipes so often; thanks for that!

  4. Whoa, how did I miss this until just now? Thanks so much, Kalyn! It really does mean a lot coming from a food-bloggie we both so admire. Many of my staple recipes come from here, like, on a weekly basis, at least!

    And I so agree on Steve Jobs. A major loss!

  5. Thanks Donna. And I love your food too, so we are definitely kindred spirits!

  6. Oh, Kalyn – just now saw your post and wanted to say thank you so much. You are most kind, and a compliment from you means the world to both Anne and I – we admire your creativity and zest for life. And, not the least of which: WE LOVE YOUR FOOD! I hope you live (and blog) forever!


  7. This picure of flower eggs made em smile. It is the simple things that touch teh heart!

  8. Thanks Curt and Sally. Glad you found them interesting.

  9. A wonderful tribute to Steve Jobs, the private hero of so many people, me included

    huge loss, way too early.

  10. All very interesting. I looked at a few, and as you suggested, the rest over the weekend.

  11. Katherine, Kelly, and Nancy, glad you enjoyed the post.

  12. Kalyn, what a wonderful tribute.I don't know what I'd do without my Mac. I'm on my all day long, doing my recipe posts, editing photos and so much more. I love how easy it is to use. Steve Jobs was an amazing genius and gift to the world!

  13. Definitely a collective pause and hard think about where we'd all be without Jobs' genius. Amazing. Enjoy greatly posts of this nature. It's a great way to find things I may not come across myself — especially that last one 🙂

  14. I love this! Great collection of recipes and tidbits, thanks.

  15. Love your Five Things on Friday posts! Thanks so much for linking to my sourdough 🙂

  16. Peggy, my pleasure. Always love your blog!

    Lydia, thanks. I think the soup post will be helpful for a lot of people.

    Marla, aren't the flower eggs such a creative idea! I heard about Steve Jobs' death on Twitter too, which seems kind of fitting. Still thinking about it days later.

  17. Lovely tribute to Steve. Time stood still when I heard the news (via Twiitter) about his passing. He did touch our world and all of our lives with a magical genius. My children will grow up reaping the benefits of his creations and understanding this wonderful mans gifts.
    Those flower eggs – brilliant!

  18. How nice to have a Friday web wander! Thanks so much for including my Soup Chick post, and for pointing us to the great round-up of posts about Steve Jobs.

  19. Thanks Kalyn, for the link.

    Steve Jobs death has really touched so many, probably because his life did so.

    Love the facelift-dog post!

    Have a great weekend!