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Five Fun Things on Friday and Happy Holiday Weekend! (7/2/10)

Yesterday was Canada Day, and in two days it will be the Fourth of July, so it’s safe to say that lots of holiday celebrations and cook-outs are happening all over the Northern Hemisphere. The celebrating has started around here, and one thing that’s been on the menu is the Fattoush salad pictured above. Keep reading to hear about who else has been enjoying Fattoush, a whole lot of good news for Kalyn’s Kitchen, and some ideas for holiday weekend food. I’ll be back with a recipe on Monday, so Happy Weekend everyone, whether you’re celebrating a holiday or just enjoying your weekend!

Fun Thing #1: Pinch My Salt Features Fattoush for Food Blog Friday

Thanks to my good friend Nicole at Pinch My Salt, who featured Fattoush from Kalyn’s Kitchen for her Food Blog Friday, where she tries and spotlights recipes from other food blogs. Nicole has a drool-worthy photo of the Fattoush, just like all her photos. I had fun meeting Nicole at BlogHer 2007, where we stayed in Chicago for a day longer and hung out together, and I also had lunch with her and some other blogging friends when I was visiting San Diego.

Fun Thing #2: Two Lists I’m Happy to Be Included On

Lists are a big part of the blogging world, and although no list can include every good blog that probably deserves to be there, it’s still nice when your blog is added to someone’s list. Recently Kalyn’s Kitchen was included as one of 100 Best Blogs for Healthy and Delicious Recipes at NursingSchools.Net, and also among A Baker’s Dozen of The Best Food Blogs at Extanz. Thanks to both for the mention, it is always greatly appreciated.

Fun Thing #3: My Secrets for Perfectly Grilled Chicken Breasts Featured at Saveur.com
I’ve talked about how I love the blogger-friendly way that Saveur.com features recipes from food blogs. My tips for Perfectly Grilled Chicken Breasts were featured at Saveur.com this week, and also were part of Saveur’s online newsletter. Thanks again Saveur! (If you want to see more of my grilled chicken recipes, check the Grilling part of the recipe archives.)

Fun Thing #4: Kalyn’s Kitchen was Food Blog of the Day at Foodista.com
Good things seemed to come in bunches this week, because Kalyn’s Kitchen was also featured as Food Blog of the Day at Foodista.com on July 1. This is another site that does a nice job of spotlighting food blogs, and I was honored to be spotlighted along with so many other great blogs.

Fun Thing #5: Fourth of July Food Ideas
Finally, if you haven’t nailed down your menu for the Fourth of July, you can count on food bloggers for menu suggestions. I shared lots of Grilling Ideas for the Fourth of July in 2007, and more Fourth of July Grilling Ideas in 2008, and those favorite recipes would still taste great this year! I also loved the Festive Ideas for Your Fourth of July Cook-Out or Cook-In from Susan at Food Blogga, and I spotted some tasty-looking Recipes for a Happy Fourth of July Weekend at Life’s Ambrosia. Finally, if you’re indulging a bit for the holiday, I shared lots of interesting ideas for Potato Salad for the Fourth of July at BlogHer.com.

Happy Holiday Weekend everyone. If you’re not too busy celebrating, let us know in the comments what’s going to be on the menu at your house this weekend.    If you need just a little more Friday Fun, you can use the label for Five Fun Things on Friday to see fun things I’ve shared on other Fridays!

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  1. I've been posting most of these comments from the iPhone, so sorry if I am not replying (but I am reading them all!) Hope everyone has had a nice holiday weekend.

    Linda, good to know the salad is still good without pita!

  2. I just had the salad again for lunch and I'd venture to say it was even better today. I only poured dressing on the salad I ate yesterday so the greens weren't wilted today. Just realized though that I forgot the pita! Oh well, it was yummy and I sprinkled some extra sumac on it. Thanks again!

  3. Congratulations on all the great shot outs! Happy 4th, Kalyn!

  4. Great food ideas. Thanks.

  5. Just finished the fattoush for dinner. It was delicious! I look forward to having some more tomorrow. The need for sumac sent me off on my first adventure to Penzey's spices which I'm fortunate to have only 15 minutes away. My daughter and I took a little shopping trip there and enjoyed the farmer's market across the street as well (in Philadelphia) to get some wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables. Thanks again for a great healthy recipe!

  6. looks like delicious…

  7. I'm popping in to wish y'all a happy 4th. I hope you get to enjoy all your favorites!

  8. Congrats on all these fun tributes. I hope you and your family have a lovely weekend with lots of good food, love and laughter. Happy Fourth! xox

  9. Happy Holiday Weekend!!

  10. Wow, you're all over the web this week. Congrats, you deserve it! Have a great weekend!

  11. Happy Holidays Kalyn.