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Five Fun Things on Friday (12-18-09)

Red Iguana posterPoster Announcing Red Iguana 2
from RedIguana.com.

It’s Friday night, time for me to share some of the fun things I’ve found this week in my travels around the web. Keep reading to see what I thought was fun, and if you have a link to something fun from the week, please do share in the comments.

Fun Thing #1: A New Red Iguana Location in Salt Lake

If you live in Salt Lake you already know why the opening of a new Red Iguana location is so fun. (For years now, no matter what time of day you visited this landmark SLC restaurant, there would always be a long line of people waiting.) Now there’s Red Iguana 2, located just a few blocks from the original Red Iguana. I went there tonight with my step-sister Karyn and her daughter Isabella who are visiting Utah for a few days, and we all agreed it’s just as great as the original Red Iguana.

Fun Thing #2: Fun Poinsettia Facts from Red Stapler
My friend Suebob shares Fun Poinsettia Facts on her always-intriguing blog, Red Stapler. I had no idea this famous Christmas plant grows as tall as a tree, and most of the other poinsettia facts were new to me too.

Fun Thing #3: Roasting Chestnuts from Ginger and Garlic
I’ve only had chestnuts once, a few years ago when Simona was kind enough to send me some. They were so tasty, and I loved this post about Roasting Chestnuts from Ginger and Garlic, who has great photos of the chestnuts.

Fun Thing #4: Pine Nut Brittle from The Italian Dish
When I was a kid my mom always made homamade peanut brittle for Christmas, so when I saw the Italian Pine Nut Brittle at The Italian Dish, it seemed like a great way to kick peanut brittle up several notches. (Of course this isn’t South Beach Diet friendly, but it’s Christmas, and who can resist pine nuts?)

Fun Thing #5: Make Buttons with the Kids
For part of the holidays I’m going to be visiting my sister Val who has a bunch of young kids, and when I saw the Buttons at Buns in My Oven, I immediately bookmarked them to make with the kids. Go read that post if you don’t know what Buttons are, and if you have kids, I bet you’ll be making some.

 If you need just a little more Friday Fun, you can use the label for Five Fun Things on Friday to see fun things I’ve shared on other Fridays!
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    15 Comments on “Five Fun Things on Friday (12-18-09)”

  1. Cindi, sorry to hear you're having a hard time finding them. I'm buried in Christmas cards and presents here and haven't even ventured out to look, since I'm not making them until after Christmas.

  2. Well…I was afraid the pretzel rounds would be difficult to find! The closet town to me with any grocery stores is 12 miles away. I drove there today and checked all 3 stores (Albertsons, WalMart & Maceys)and no one had them. The only pretzels I found that are round were the "100 calorie Mr. Salty Chocolate covered Pretzels" and "100 calorie Mr. Salty Yogurt Covered Pretzels" by Nabisco. They come in a box of 6 packs. I made some when I got home. They worked, but the pretzels are smaller in diameter than what the "Buttons" used, and the Hershey kiss pretty much covers the entire top! I also made some on the square "waffle" type pretzels. They are a possibility, too, if you can't find the rounds. I took pictures of them (and the boxes)if anyone wants to know what they look like.
    If anyone finds the rounds, please post where you bought them, and what brand they are. I read on another blog that some people are making these on the miniature size twisted pretzel. They melt a Rolo candy instead of the Hershey Kiss, and then press a pecan on top. The only mini twist pretzel I saw in the store today were either Honey Mustard or Cheddar Cheese flavored. Uh-h-h-h-h…I don't think so!!


  3. Dang, I don't follow fun things to do. It's too scary outside, I do fun things at home. This last weekend was a large pot roast that's still feeding me.

    xo, Biggles

  4. I always love the links you find, Kalyn. I was shocked to see the Poinsettia trees – holy cow. I never knew! Merry Christmas.

  5. I'm partial to almond brittle, but pine nut brittle sounds great. I'll have to try it.

  6. Sorry I have been distracted from replying to comments because I've been entertaining guests, but I'm glad people are liking these fun posts.

    Yes, the Salty Iguana must be a cousin of the Red Iguana!!

    Cindi, I haven't bought the round pretzels yet to make with my sister's kids, but I don't think they are too hard to find.

  7. Thanks Kalyn! Great list.

  8. I'm excited to make the "Buttons"! Are the Pretzel rounds/rings easy to find? I don't recall seeing them in the store. I live in Utah and wondered if you could you tell me where you bought yours (before I drive all over looking for them!) Thanks!

  9. lovely blog you have here!

    just found it and wanted to say hello 😉

  10. Those are cool fun things….kept me entertained for a while!

  11. It's a great day… we have a terrific sports bar called Salty Iguana… a close second cousin maybe

  12. A great list, Kalyn! I am so happy and honored that you included my roasting chestnuts in this one 🙂

  13. Can't wait to visit Salt Lake City to try Red Iguana! Thanks for another fun Friday. I love that your lists are always eclectic and introduce me to things I'd never have found on my own.

  14. Thanks for including me in such a great list!

  15. Great list…I'm going out to get the ingredients for Buttons to make with my 3-year old twin grandkids…what fun!