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Five Fun Things on Friday (1-8-10)

I may have to re-think calling this Friday night post Five Fun Things on Friday, because sometimes I want to share things that make me think, but they may not really fit into everyone’s description of fun. This week I should probably call it Five Things I’m Sharing on Friday Which May Be Fun or Might Make You Think. So here are my five fun or possibly just thought provoking things for this Friday.

Fun Thing #1: Good Things Really Do Come in Threes

ONE: I loved the piece that Salt Lake food writer Virginia Rainey wrote about Kalyn’s Kitchen for City Weekly Newspaper, and I think my blogging friend Lydia captured part of what pleased me when she said on Facebook, “She really gets your blog.” TWO: I was also excited when Stephanie from Wasabimon featured me for Food Blogger Spotlight: Kalyn Denny. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts on your blog, Stephanie. THREE: Since I was a Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow in High School, it is pretty fun that BettyCrocker.com is featuring a few of my recipes as part of a healthy cooking recipe widget sponsored by Platefull. (If you go to BettyCrocker.com, scroll down the center column and look for the Platefull recipe widget.)

Fun Thing #2: Watch My Blogging Friends Cook

Personally I can’t imagine cooking on a video, or even worse, on live TV, but this week two of my good blogging friends wowed me with their performances. Utah food blogger Dara from Cookin’ Canuck was great demonstrating a recipe on KSL TV, making soup and chatting away as if she wasn’t the least bit nervous, and Susan from Food Blogga had a charming video on her blog showing How to Seed a Pomegranate On Live Video While Wearing Your Favorite White Shirt. I’d say both these ladies are ready for the Food Network!

Nostalgic and Fun Thing #3: Remembering the Pagoda Restaurant

I had a real trip down memory lane this week when Salt Lake Tribune Food Editor Kathy Stephenson tweeted about the death of “Fudge” Iwasaki, who owned The Pagoda Restaurant in Salt Lake. I didn’t know Mr. Iwasaki, but based on my experiences at the restaurant, I have no doubt that he was a wonderful man. In my family, when we got on the honor roll in high school, we went out to dinner with mom and dad, a rare treat in a family of ten kids, and The Pagoda was our favorite spot. For us, the Pagoda was the standard by which all Chinese food was judged (never mind that pagodas are Japanese, it was all the same to us in those days.) I hear it’s under new ownership, and I can only hope they don’t change it too much.

Thought Provoking and Maybe Fun Thing #4: Re-Examining Agave Nectar

When I noticed a few bloggers speaking out on twitter against agave nectar, I was puzzled. Then I did a little research and came across this piece explaining that all agave nectar is not made the same way. I don’t understand all the science about the controversy over agave, but I was glad to see that the brand I personally use was the one shown as an example of pure agave.

Supposedly Fun but Actually Thought Provoking Thing #5: The Facebook Bra Color Meme

If you’ve been on Facebook the last few days you couldn’t have missed the meme going around where women tell the color of their bra in a status update, supposedly to raise awareness of breast cancer. I never considered telling my bra color for a minute, and it bothered me, but I couldn’t put my finger on why until I read this piece at BlogHer about why the Facebook bra “meme” is not really that fun.

So kind of a mixed bag for this week around here, how about you? What fun or thought-provoking things have you come across this week?    If you need just a little more Friday Fun, you can use the label for Five Fun Things on Friday to see fun things I’ve shared on other Fridays!
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16 comments on “Five Fun Things on Friday (1-8-10)”

  1. Great Friday post!! I was trying to find a great blog post or article to explain to my dad and mom not all Agave was created equal – thank goodness you have!

    Thanks for all of your blog work, I have finally found some great recipes that I can feed my family that aren't a scary guess as to 'this and that' I read on so many south beach support sites. Every single thing I have prepared from your blog has turned out the way I thought it should – delicious! You have helped me make this way of life flavorful and fun. Keep it up!

  2. Lynn, that's fun. I know that Alanna Kellog was also one. Would be fun to know how many BCHoTs ended up as food bloggers!

  3. I was a Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow in high school, too. I had forgotten about that until I read your Friday post.

  4. Nupur, I have the book but haven't started reading it. (Too many books, too little time.) I've loved all her novels, so I do want to get to it soon!

  5. Great post, Kalyn. When I use agave nectar (and it is not very often), I use Madhava brand so that's good to know.

    Something I am doing this week that is both fun and thought-provoking: reading Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Have your read it?

  6. Dara, thanks, I appreciate the vote of confidence. You were great on the show!

    Christine, you are sweet. I'm not sure that I "deserve" it, but I do appreciate it when someone recognizes my efforts. Wasn't that post at BlogHer just so on-point for the bra meme? So many good writers there.

    Becki, you're so welcome. I understand perfectly about the feeling hungry on a diet thing. South Beach is the only diet I ever could stick with!

  7. My chief problems with most diets is that 1) they limit the amount I can eat, so I'm always hungry, and 2) they take away the fun of cooking for me. With SB, the first problem is eliminated, and thanks to your blog, the second is, too. Thank you, Kalyn!

  8. Congrats on you being showcased, Kalyn. No one deserves it more than you.
    Re #5, I read her post in awe. Hadn't seen the meme yet, wouldn't have have divulged my black bra anyway, but that post really hit home. Thanks.

  9. I loved the piece about you in the City Weekly – you thoroughly deserve the attention!

    I'm glad I seemed fairly collected in the cooking demo. I can't say that I felt that way at the time!

  10. Katie, glad to hear you like the Friday links. I think that's a big dilemma about social networking, gives the illusion of really "doing" something!

    Jenn, agree!

    Julie, me too. It bothered me from the start, and after I read that piece I thought about it even more.

    Pam, a good time to be late to join in! Even though I'm not sure I agree with the concerns about agave, I was glad to see that about "my" brand.

    Thanks Cheryl. Glad to hear so many people were of like mind about the FB meme.

    PJ, I plan to keep using agave, but I don't use it daily or even weekly at times. Definitely something to keep paying attention to, but for now I'm taking all the uproar with a big grain of salt.

  11. #4, I am glad you brought this up! I have been an agave nectar lover for so long until just this week (this week seems be a week when agave nectar was in focus!) another blogger sent me an article about its high fructose content, which makes me very uneasy about using it as a regular sugar substitute now. Though, all these studies need to be taken with a grain of salt, i guess..

    #5, yeah, it looked more for fun than for awareness to me.

  12. A really good Friday post, Kalyn. Congratulations on all of your success…very well deserved, that's for sure. As for the Agave nectar bit, I wasn't aware of the controversy but mine is Madhava, too, so all's well, there! I did not participate in the bra meme, either. Just didn't.

  13. I didn't participate in the FB meme either. Mainly because by the time I figured out what it was, it was practically over. The article you led to was wonderful.

    Also, my agave is the good one, thank goodness.

  14. Thank you for posting the link to the blog about the Facebook Bra Color Meme. The meme didn't seem quite right to me at the time, but I never would have considered all the reasons why, as you said, it isn't all that fun. That piece has given me a lot to think about.

  15. #5: It bothered me too.
    I'm tired of everyone raising money for "awareness." Awareness doesn't get us anywhere. Isn't it time we take action?

    Thank you for sharing.

  16. I love your Friday links, whether they're fun, thought provoking, or both! The post about the FB bra thing is particularly interesting – I also felt uneasy about the whole thing, but didn't take the time to think about why. I do find it troubling that social networking has made it easy to raise awareness, and I think that often people (myself included) convince themselves that they're having a huge impact on society by simply listing the color of their bra or by passing along some kind of statement.

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