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Five Fun Things on Friday (1-22-10)

Southern Utah PhotoPhoto of Southern Utah Desert from PDPhoto.org

Once again it’s time for some Friday Night fun. These links are all things I’ve spotted on the web this week. (The truth is, I find most of them on Twitter, where I spend far too much time some days.) Keep reading to see why photos of Southern Utah are featured in this weeks intro.

Fun Thing #1: Amazing Panoramic Photos of Utah Scenery
Thanks to a reader named Maura who sent me the link for Utah3D.net, a site that features “Spherical Panoramas In and Around Utah.” I’m not even going to try to describe the images you’ll see if you click that link, other than to say there’s no doubt in my mind that Utah is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and this site really shows that.

Fun Thing #2: A Blog About Eating School Lunch

The interwebs were all a-tweet this week about a teacher who’s eating school lunch every day for a year and sharing photos of the lunches on a newly-created blog. It’s called Fed Up: School Lunch Project, and no one who’s worked in a school the last ten years is surprised to see how dismal the lunches look. I remember when I started teaching, we often had lunches that featured homemade bread made on-site, homemade soup, and even real vegetables. I was teacher’s association president when my school district decided lunches had to be funded 100% from what the students paid, and the quality of the food went steadily downhill. The saddest thing about this blog, and other well-meaning projects intended to bring attention to the poor quality of foods served in schools, is that they often don’t fully acknowledge that the bad lunches are only one symptom of the inadequate funding of schools in the U.S. That’s a much more complex problem with no easy solution.

Fun Thing #3: Eat Your Books
Also from Twitter, a fun new site called Eat Your Books for people who love cookbooks and need help navigating their collection. (Sounds familiar.) Eat Your Books is a subscription site where you sign up to access their list of indexed cookbooks so you can search for a recipe on the site, and then go right to that page in the cookbook in your own library. It’s an ingenious idea, and at $25.00 a year, it could be a real timesaver for people (like me) who have a lot of cookbooks.

Fun Thing #4: A Tofu Restaurant in Salt Lake!

Vanessa from She Craves was my first blogging friend in Utah, and she’s been writing about food in Utah for newspapers and magazines for quite a while. Recently she wrote in the Salt Lake Tribune about a new Korean restaurant in Utah specializing in tofu! I’m intrigued, not only by the tofu, but also by the chance to try authentic Korean food, something I’ve rarely had. It’s Tofu isn’t very close to where I live, but I’m going to make a point to try it soon.

Fun Thing #5: What To Do if You Drop Food on the Floor

Finally, 100% just for fun, but pretty darn funny, a flow chart from SF Weekly answering You Dropped Food on the Floor! Do You Eat It? Surely there have been times you’ve wondered about this, so let this chart give you some insight.

Okay, now it’s your turn to share. With all the creative people on the web these days, I’ll never find everything that pops up in a week, so if you found something fun, please share the link in a comment.    If you need just a little more Friday Fun, you can use the label for Five Fun Things on Friday to see fun things I’ve shared on other Fridays!

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10 comments on “Five Fun Things on Friday (1-22-10)”

  1. I just wanted to vouch that http://www.eatyourbooks.com is an awesome website! It has a very personal feel as the staff Jane etc. are interactive and respond to emails. More importantly, it is great for getting way more use out of your cookbooks. I have a gift subscription to a friend who is vegan, and a LOT of her vegan cookbooks are on there. Magazines too! In fact, I will give out more gift subscriptions – thanks for the reminder! I also use http://www.bigoven.com to organize my recipes. It's my all-time favorite, if you have a smaller collection of favorite recipes, because it has a very handy grocery list and menu planning feature. I still use eatyourbooks as a back-up. Both sites are very user-friendly and I'd recommend checking them out if you like to cook!

  2. Fun thing #5: What to do with food dropped on the floor? Answer: My husband picks it up & blows it off! That's supposed to remove anything that shouldn't be there or at least that's what he thinks! LOL! Anyway, I don't adhere to that philosophy & thankfully he only does it at home! Cheers!

  3. #2 is so true. It's not just lunches; it's the sad truth of poor school funding. Ironic that I just prepared a post on the topic of school funding – it'll be up Monday.

  4. So glad people are having fun with this. I thought this was an interesting bunch of stuff this week!

  5. I saw the school lunch blog too. I'm not sure what your school district was like but it sounds like this teacher works in a low-income area, where some kids might not be eating much beyond school lunch. Very sad.

  6. I love your Five Fun Things. So here's my plan. Visit me in Santa Monica/Venice and we can do Five Fun Things together. One of them will be margaritas!

  7. Fun list! 😉


  8. Have fun at that tofu restaurant. Authentic Korean is fantastic. They also have restaurants that specialize in just BBQ, dumplings, or noodles.

    (Too funny that floor-eating flow chart – nope, I never eat anything off the floor. My cat's very healthy, but his feeties still kick around *that* sand in the litter box. ;D)

  9. These are so much fun! I've heard about this teacher who's eating school lunch every day and I think its ka-RA-zy.

  10. Great links! I registered for the free trial of Eat Your Books. I need all the help I can get with all my cookbooks.

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