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Fabulous Food Photos and Weekend Herb Blogging Reaches Week Five!

If you’re just a casual reader of this food blog or others, you may not realize the sheer number of food blogging events that go on every month. Every event has its own acronym, sometimes confusing the new reader. When I first started writing a blog and reading about these things, it took me close to a month to find out that EoMEoTE means End of Month Eggs on Toast Extravaganza, and even longer to find out what it actually was.

Being rather busy being a full time fourth grade teacher, as well as an active part-time food blogger, I don’t really have time to enter these events. Not to mention that I sometimes feel seriously intimidated by the quality of the food concoctions that are submitted. These folks are serious cooks. (You know who you are.) But the one food blogging event that intrigues me most, should I ever have time, or feel even remotely qualified, is DMBLGIT. That stands for Does My Blog Look Good in This, a monthly contest for the best food photography on the food blogs.

The rules are pretty easy. Pick the best photo you have taken that has appeared on your blog that month and submit the link to the judges by a certain date. Simple enough, but when you see the competition you will realize how seriously talented some of these people are. Just to give you an idea, here are the entries for September. Now don’t cheat. Look them over and decide who you think should win in the categories of Overall Best Shot, Aesthetics, Eatability, and Originality. Then head on over to Chubby Hubby to see the list of winners.

Congrats to all. (And I am slightly surprised and happy to see that all these winners are folks I have traded comments/e-mails with, so I feel like I “know” them. How fun.)

And speaking of fun, don’t forget about Kalyn’s Kitchen’s own little food blogging event, (if I even dare call it a food blogging event, humble as it is), Weekend Herb Blogging. I guess if this had progressed far enough to earn an acronym it would be WHB. Of course, if you are short on herbs where you live, we will also be happy to include you if you feature a photo of a veggie, plant, or flower sometime during the weekend. You can even do a recipe featuring a certain herb and we will be glad to fit you into the roundup. We aim for full inclusion around here.

Here’s all you have to do. Post a photo of an herb, veggie, plant, or flower, or a recipe featuring one sometimes over the weekend. Then send your link to me in an e-mail. If you use Technorati, you could tag your post “Weekend Herb Blogging”, but that’s optional. On Sunday evening (in Utah) I will write a roundup of all the posts I’ve received. No prizes, just the fun of being part of a fabulous group of herb, veggie, plant, and flower photographers.

Here’s a tiny preview of the herb I’ll be featuring. Can you tell what it is?

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4 comments on “Fabulous Food Photos and Weekend Herb Blogging Reaches Week Five!”

  1. Hi,

    Your herb blogs are really quite eye catching !—Keep them coming!

    hey,about the herb picture you plan to blog this weekend–It’s parsley leaves,if I am right!

  2. Parsley!
    (WHB is catching on, BTW. I’m joining this week.)

  3. Hi,

    I’m a graduate student… with a college hostel kitchen, but love to cook! And i am SO seriously intimidated by the stuff that comes on these food blogging events!!
    i think your theme is pretty unusual, makes one think!
    Just wanted to add something that i noticed…
    My parents live in eastern India, and my maid (all of 15 yrs of age and a superb cook) would simply go into out garden, pick out leaves from here and there, and cook them up! and these arent the commonly eaten varieties either…
    also a friend went to vietnam recently, and being vegetarian, usually had morning glory leaves (raw, straight form the plant) and plain boiled rice for meals!
    good luck with this blog!
    have fun…

  4. I stumbled across your blog on a search for “fabulous blogs”…now I know why you are considered fabulous! It looks like we have more in common than blogging!

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