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Downtown Alliance Farmer’s Market In Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has several wonderful Farmers Markets, but the biggest and most diverse is the one sponsored by the Downtown Alliance. It just opened today, much later than Farmers Markets in other areas, and there wasn’t a lot of fresh produce yet. When it’s later in the season, I can’t justify visiting the Farmers Market because I have so much fresh produce from my own garden, but I love to go early in the summer just to see what’s available. This week I also made a special effort to notice what kinds of foods were produced locally besides produce. Here’s a little taste of the Salt Lake Farmer’s Market.

I bought five things. Two of them were packages of sausages from Colisimo’s, a famous Utah company that produces many varieties of pork sausage. See if you can pick out the other three things I bought in the photos below. Here are some clues to help you narrow it down:

  1. something that tastes great with Gorgonzola
  2. something that another blogger is writing about for WHB this weekend
  3. something I searched for and begged my local markets to order all winter

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    10 Comments on “Downtown Alliance Farmer’s Market In Salt Lake City”

  1. I think that the SLC Farmers Market is one of the best! I love that there is so much more than produce…like art and jewlery. I was there last week too!! I am planning on it again this weekend!

    PS is the best is the honey almond chevere’ goat cheese from Drake Family Farms…mmmmmm.

    Be well,

  2. i was so happy that the market started. the only drawback—the chile verde cart wasn’t there! but there’s next week 🙂

  3. Ka-ching! If there was a prize, the chocolate lady has just won it for identifying all the things I got at the Farmers Market. Plus she noticed that I took a photo of the green garlic because the two of us were discussing whether it was the same thing as garlic scapes (no, it isn’t).

  4. Thanks for these great pictures Kalyn! And I’m glad you were able to find:
    radishes, garlic scapes and b. raab (and bonus pic of green garlic)!

  5. Ruth, it is a great market. We’re lucky.

    CC, no fruit at all at the market. Yes, you’re right, rapini (broccoli raab) was one of the things I bought. Cooked it tonight.

    Tanna, it is great.

    Mae, guessed it too. Apparently I whined enough all winter about not being able to find it!! Glad to hear your garlic is doing well and glad you are herb blogging again.

    Stephanie, I thought the valet sign was soooo cool.

  6. Love the valet sevice sign, wagon:) I love farmers market’s but this one looks awesome!!

  7. Finally! What you’ve always wished for… Brocolli Raab. Those garlic snapes… remember my very first WHB entry? Garlic? Well, just an update for you, it’s still alive and doing well. I had to re-plant it today to make room for more rosemary [just moved it a bit]. It has a snape thingy that looks like your picture above. Only one though – lol. But the bulb underground was looking pretty impressive. I might have a whole garlic bulb very soon.

    Btw, i have emailed Cate for my entry this weekend. Can you believe it? lol. After a long absence, i’m contributing again.

    Thanks for your dedication to this Kalyn.

  8. Wow, that looks like a really wonderful market.

  9. No fruit yet, huh? I’m guessing you don’t grow fruit in your own garden; oh, maybe strawberries (and if so, wow). So if fruit comes to the market later this summer, you’ll have something to buy.
    (Me, me, call on me, teacher! I know! Rapini!!)

  10. I am so jealous! I love great markets and we only have one big one on Saturdays here in Toronto…There’s a few small ones on different days of the week but somehow, I keep missing them.

    Thanks for sharing