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Christmas Favorites: Five Favorite Breakfasts for Christmas Morning

Yesterday I mentioned how I’m not doing much cooking this week, so I’m sharing a few favorite recipes before I take off for my sister’s house where I’ll be spoiling these kids and probably indulging in some not exactly South Beach diet friendly Christmas food.  Yesterday I suggested five of my favorite appetizers for holiday parties, and today I’m going to recommend five favorite breakast options that I think would be perfect for Christmas morning,  If your family likes Mexican food, I bet they’d enjoy Mexican Baked Eggs with Black Beans, Tomatoes, Green Chiles, and Cilantro after they open their presents.  You can make it in one large dish if you don’t have individual casseroles.

One of my perennial favorites for  breakfast is this Broccoli Cheese Breakfast Casserole, which reminds me of a dish my Grandmother Denny used to make when I was a kid.

You may not have fresh chives, but thinly sliced green onions will make a good substitute for this Asparagus and Fresh Mozzarella Frittata with Parmesan and Chives.

I love turkey Italian sausage so I don’t know why it took me so long to think of using it in a breakfast casserole, but this Breakfast Casserole with Sweet Italian Sausage, Mushrooms, and Cheese was definitely a keeper.

Finally, if you’re cooking Christmas breakfast for adults or kids who are adventurous eaters, you can’t go wrong with Tuscan Baked Eggs with Tomatoes, Red Onion, Garlic, Parmesan, and Herbs.
Does your family have a special breakfast you make for Christmas morning?  If you have a fun idea for a special breakfast, let us know about it in the comments!
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14 comments on “Christmas Favorites: Five Favorite Breakfasts for Christmas Morning”

  1. Oh my, these all look FABULOUS!!! Being the only gluten free eater in our family tends to make my Christmas mornings lackluster. I make up for it on other days, though. 😉

    Our family tradition is for my hubby to make his version of Sausage McMuffins for everyone and I end up making some egg whites with fruit. I will DEFINITELY be trying one of these options. The hard part will be which one to choose…they all look wonderful!

  2. Great roundup, Kalyn. Our hens are laying about 50 eggs a week now, so I especially appreciate the breakfast (or dinner!) inspiration. Merry Christmas! xoxo

  3. Every christmas morning without fail we have Eggnog French toast with warm maple syrup.

    Really easy breakfast with some bacon and sausages. Just gotta make sure to use french bread and mmm mmm its good.

  4. Eggnog French toast — yummy. Of course, it's virgin eggnog, not with anything added. Just pour into a pie plate and dip the bread, then fry in melted butter. Top with a sprinkle of confectioner's sugar, maple syrup or nothing at all. Delicious. And very easy.

  5. These all look delicious! Happy Holidays Kalyn!!

  6. These recipes would be great for a lunch or dinner too!

  7. Doodles, that sounds like a lovely Christmas morning!

    Joanne, thanks!

    Kelly, thank you for catching that! (Duh, you can tell I am harried.) I added the link in. (BTW, you can always find a recipe by entering the name into the search box in the upper right side of the blog. That's how I find things quickly when I need them!)

  8. Kalyn, I cannot find a link to the breakfast casserole recipe with the turkey sausage. I happen to have that as well as mushrooms and cheese in the fridge and would love to make this for breakfast. Could you help me with this recipe? I love your site and have made many, many recipes. All delish and much to my family's delight as well! Many thanks! Kelly

  9. I always love your breakfasts Kalyn! You manage to breathe new life into eggs constantly. I would love to wake up to one of these on Christmas morning!

  10. It's those frittata that the whole family goes for on Christmas morning . Mimosa's and monkey bread during gift giving and then the frittata for brunch with a fresh fruit salad.

    Merry Christmas Kaylyn!!

  11. CJ, that is nice to hear. I agree about the weekend breakfasts, but during the week I eat toast with peanut butter almost every day lately!

  12. We don't have a special breakfast that we make Christmas morning. It coud be a strata, a cassserole, overnight French toast, a German pancake, fritatta, scramble eggs with fresh sausage, or ham and fried potatoes or eggs with toast.

    Sometimes we have a quiet Christmas, just the two of us. Other times, the whole gang is here. We plan our menus accordingly.

    Every single one of the breakfast recipes featured in this post speak to me. I especially like hearty breakfasts on weekends in winter.

    It looks like I've got the rest of December and all of January wrapped up, breakfast-wise. 😉

  13. Ann, Merry Christmas to you too. Glad you like the ideas.

  14. I love this list of wonderful Christmas breakfast ideas. I've been trying to think of something wonderful for that morning and I think I found at least one. Merry Christmas!

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