Before you know it, over a thousand bloggers will be in San Francisco for the 2008 BlogHer Conference. Many of you know that I write about food for, and I have great respect for all the women associated with BlogHer. I’m excited to be attending BlogHer ’08, and also about meeting more food bloggers, not only the people attending BlogHer, but hopefully some San Francisco food bloggers as well. Here are a couple of announcements for bloggers who are attending the conference, plus news about plans you might want to get in on if you’ll be in San Francisco that weekend.

First, if you’re a food blogger who’s attending BlogHer, please check the list below and see if your name is there. If not, leave a comment and I will promptly add you. Then be sure to attend the Food, Cooking, and Entertaining “Birds of a Feather” session from 11:15-11:55 the morning of Friday, July 18 to meet your fellow food and drink bloggers. In order to maximize the use of time and make it a learning experience, I’ve given a homework assignment for the session, so be sure to check that out.

There are a few food bloggers who are attending the conference only on Saturday, July 19, and since that day has a nice amount of time scheduled for lunch, Lydia and I are hoping to organize an informal meet-up with food bloggers during the lunch break. The plan is to save seats in one corner of the room where the lunch break is being held that day, and spend 12:00-1:00 having an unofficial “food blogger lunch.” If you’re there on Saturday, please find us a join in the fun. (If this turns into a more organized plan, I’ll edit this post with an update.)

I’ve also been talking with Amy about a plan for food bloggers who are attending the conference to have a chance to meet San Francisco bloggers, and we’ve decided to have another informal gathering on Sunday, July 20, at 1:00 on the patio at Americano Restaurant and Bar (in Hotel Vitale.) If you’re a food blogger who’s in San Francisco that day, we’d love to hang out with you there for a few hours. (You can leave a comment on this post or contact Amy or myself if you want to let us know you’re coming. Or just show up! People who are attending the Unconference that day, we hoped maybe you could come for a quick lunch.)

Finally, the absolute best part of attending a conference like this is meeting new people or re-connecting with old friends. I wrote about the food bloggers I met at BlogHer 2006 and more bloggers I met at BlogHer 2007. Below is the unofficial list of food bloggers I know about who will be attending one or both days of the 2008 BlogHer conference. (Again, if I missed you, leave a comment and I’ll get you on the list!)

Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen (that’s me!)
Sean from Hedonia (who works for BlogHer, starting today!)
Lydia from The Perfect Pantry
Amy from Cooking with Amy
Elise from Simply Recipes
Anne Marie from This Momma Cooks
Susan from Food Blogga
Shuna from Eggbeater
Genie from The Inadvertent Gardener
Sara from Ms. Adventures in Italy
Anna from Cookie Madness
Andrea from Andrea’s Recipes
TW from Retro Food
Stefania from City Mama
Steph from A Year of Crockpotting
Kristain from Londonelicious
Biggie from Lunch in a Box
Kathy from Panini Happy
Jess from Chirky (and a mysterious food blog, yet to be named)
Claire from Cookthink
Kat from Kungfoodie
Kath from Kath Eats Real Food
Lori from My Wooden Spoon
Kristin from Offbeat Eating
Sheri from Foodista
Eve from The Garden of Eating
Damaris from From the Corners of My Kitchen
Magpie from Magpie Musing
Lynda from TasteFood
Elizabeth from Mom Cooks
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