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Blogher 07 in Chicago: Good Friends, Good Food, and A Lot to Learn!

Navy PierNavy Pier in Chicago

What the Heck is the Blogher Conference?

What a challenge to recapture the excitement of the 2007 Blogher Conference with a few words and photos. This was the world’s largest blogging conference with about 800 attendees, mainly women. I’ve spent hours editing photos, reading posts by other bloggers, and reading posts by people who were liveblogging at Blogher 07. Blogher was great last year, but this year I met many more people. If you were there and I miss mentioning you, please let me know! I’m planning to add to this post many times over the next few days, and I truly want to include everyone I can.

It would be impossible for me to capture all the good comments I heard about the session on technical tools to build traffic led by Elise, the food photography session with Bea, Lara, and Jan, and the food bloggers’ panel with Jasmine, Shuna, Nupur, Alanna, Susan and myself, but I think it’s safe to say that the contributions by food bloggers were definitely noticed. Everyone missed Pim when an emergency prevented her from coming, and I didn’t realize until the conference had ended that Ree was on the storytelling panel. At the end of the post I’ll try to link to other food bloggers writing about Blogher 07 and links to livebloggers so you can read some of what we learned. Now, click through on the “continue reading” link to see some of the people I enjoyed meeting, where we ate, and what we did.

Thursday Night: Getting Trained and Eating Ribs

Photo by Heather of ClizBiz

Those of us who were speaking at The Art of Food Blogging session had to arrive in Chicago on Thursday, and most people were a bit delayed due to weather. We attended a speakers training that evening at the Chicago City Centre, where I enjoyed meeting a lot of the other contributing editors at Blogher.org. So fun putting a face to those little profile photos on the Blogher site! After the training, the group above went to dinner at Carson’s, a famous Chicago ribs joint. Above in the photo is Jasmine, Shuna, Kat, Elise, me, Alanna, and Susan. The photo was taken by Blogher photo editor Heather who wrote about infiltrating the food bloggers, more about this dinner. Heather was great, and we all enjoyed having her there.

Friday Night Food Bloggers Dinner

Sometime in the months leading up to the event a plan was hatched to have all the food bloggers attending the conference meet up with the Chicago food bloggers for a dinner. Thanks to Terry, Gemma and Alanna who put a lot of time and effort into making this happen. Also much thanks to Chow.com, who paid for much of our dinner. (You can see more photos, taken by Elena, daughter of Susan from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen, at Susan’s Flickr Page. No question, some of her photos are better than mine!)

Marion (wife of Terry), Claire from Cookthink, Terry from Blue Kitchen, and Gemma from Part Time Pro Bono Baker

Aliza from Babyfruit, Tery from Daily Eats, and Lauren from Austinist.

Sister-in-law of Bea from La Tartine Gourmande (sorry, don’t remember the name), Tanya from Iateapie, and Lisa from Anali’s First Amendment. (Sorry about the eyes closed Lisa,but this was the best of the two shots I took!

Susan from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen, her daughter Elena,and husband David.

Such a bad photo of two beautiful women, sorry! Nupur from
One Hot Stove and Anne Marie from This Mama Cooks.

Katie from Little Spatula, Joanna from My Vegetable Blog,
and Bea from La Tartine Gourmand.

Me, with Elise from Simply Recipes, photo by Elena.

More fuzzy photos, which I’m blaming on my fuzzy brain! Genie from
The Inadvertent Gardener, Nicole from Pinch My Salt, and
Jane from Chow.

Claire from Cookthink, Shuna from Eggbeater, and Kat from Kungfoodie.

Ruth from Once Upon a Feast, Alanna from A Veggie Venture, Janice from Inquisitive Palate, and Susan from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen.

Also attending the dinner but not pictured were Jasmine from Confessions of a Cardomom Addict, and Katie Lindgren and Michael Rank of Two Bites in Suburbia. We missed Lara from Cook and Eat, who had not arrived yet. (My thoughts are with Jasmine who received some tragic news during the conference and still managed to participate in the food blogging session with complete strength and dignity.)

More Photos
Elise’s Flickr Set of Blogher Photos

Other Bloggers Writing about Blogher 07
My Kind of Town by Anali’s First Amendment
Food Styling and Photography at Blogher by La Tartine Gourmand
Food Bloggers Unite by Cookthink
Food Bloggers Come to Chicago by Two Bites in Suburbia
Food Bloggers Eat Up Chicago by Fat Free Vegan Kitchen
Blog Us by Oodleday
Professional Blogging by City Mama
Impressions of Chicago by Eggbeater
Main-Stream Media Ignores Blogher Conference by Web Teacher
Meeting Elizabeth Edwards by JenLemen
An Open Letter to the Candidates by PunditMom
Daily Kos vs. Blogher by Anali’s First Amendment
A Drawing of the Foodblogger Panelists by Flaming House Happenings

Liveblogging or Outlines from Sessions from Blogher 07
Alanna shares the list from The Art of Foodblogging
Building Blog Traffic (session outlines from several Blogher conferences) by Elise from Simply Recipes
Building Blog Traffic liveblogged by Ninja Poodles
Food Photography liveblogged by Style Fool
The Art of Food Blogging liveblogged by Style Fool
Food Photography liveblogged by Happy Katie
Fundraising for a Cause (Menu for Hope) liveblogged by Happy Katie

The Amazing Blogher Founders
Jory from Pause
Elisa from ECPW
Lisa from Surfette

Only a Few of the Amazing Women I met
(besides the fabulous food bloggers listed above!)
Ree from The Pioneer Woman Cooks
Stefania from City Mama
Erica from Plain Jane Mom
Jessica from Kerflop
Claire, author and screenwriter
Debra from A Stitch in Time
Nina from Queercents
Jenny from Three Kid Circus
Susan from Friday Style
Catherine from Women4Hope
Kim from Professor Kim’s News Notes
Maria from ConsumerPop
Zandria from Keep Up With Me
Virginia from Web Teacher
Britt from Net Squared
Pam from Nerds Eye View
Beth from Beth’s Blog
Elana from Funny Business
Denise from Flaming House Happenings
Birdie from La Pajaro
Morra from Women and Work
Vita from Vita
TW from Retro Food
Dani from Dani Spies

I’m sorry I missed You
PastaQueen from Half of Me
Dana from The Dana Files

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    31 Comments on “Blogher 07 in Chicago: Good Friends, Good Food, and A Lot to Learn!”

  1. Sher, Chicago is great, and you *must* come next year, no matter where it is!

    Kelly, thanks. I did have a good time still, but wish I had felt better.

    Lydia, I do hope you can come! Would love to meet you.

    Sandy-la, thanks. I took that photo from the window of my hotel with my new lens, which I’m finally getting the hang of.

    Chigiy, it was so great! Would love to hang around with you; please come next year!

  2. I wish I could have gone. Maybe next year. Sounds like it was a great trip.

  3. The photo of the Navy Pier is breathtaking! It reminds me of an early 20th Century painting — the water is so still and everything is pristine — too perfect to be a photo!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing photos of some of my favorite bloggers! Hope to get to BlogHer next year.

  5. I’m glad you got some enjoyment out of it, despite your illness. Great photos of the pier.

  6. That was a terrific post! It’s wonderful to look at all those photos! And it made me miss Chicago. Great to see the Navy Pier again.

  7. Anna, you’re welcome. I’m glad people like the photos. I’m always so critical of my own photos!

    Lisa, glad you don’t mind that your eyes were shut!

    Pille, I do hope you can come some year. I’m guessing it might be on the East coast next year. Closer for you!

    Barbara, you’re so welcome. Glad you liked it.

    Katie, ditto what I wrote to Barbara!

    Peter, Chicago is great. I’m just sorry I forgot to buy any Garrett’s popcorn!

    Jessica, will definitely give Lori a hug!

    Andrea, do hope you can come next year. It’s just the best!

    Susan, thanks. I actually took the photo of Navy Pier through the window. You’re the one who’s a great photographer!

    Patricia, very welcome. Glad you liked seeing the pictures.

    Maria, isn’t Chicago great. You must have been there tons of times.

    Lucette, hope you can go some year. I think you’d love it.

  8. Wish I could have been there–maybe next year. Thanks for the newsy post–and introductions to some unfamiliar (to me) bloggers.

  9. Thanks for the update! It looks like you had a wonderful time and met a lot of people. The pictures are great, especially the one of the Pier. It makes me miss Chicago! I am glad you had fun!!

  10. Kalyn, this was loads of fun! And so many wonderful people to meet!

    Tks for sharing the photos with us!

  11. P.S. The photo of the Navy Pier is stunning! Did you take that from your hotel? Never again can you put your photography skills down because that one is excellent!

  12. Kalyn, it was so great to meet you and hang out in Chicago. I hope you’re feeling better soon!

  13. Thanks so much for posting this! I really wanted to go this year, especially since I used to live in Chicago–your photo of the Pier made me a little misty–but I couldn’t exactly bring the baby along. 🙂

    But next year, count me in! We’re already making plans for me to participate!

  14. I was so happy to see you again, and thanks for recognizing me! Sounds like everything is going wonderfully for you, give Lori a hug for me when you see her at the next rally. 🙂

  15. The mere fact that you were in Chicago would guarantee a great time!

  16. What fun you all must have had!
    And so nice to see pictures of the faces behind a lot of the blogs I read… Thanks!

  17. I’ve only met Elise but I recognised so many names. What fun. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  18. Kalyn, thanks for a fantastic roundup (it’s so cool to see so many ‘familiar’ faces!), and useful links. Much appreciated – and I hope to be able to attend a BlogHer conference in the future myself 🙂

  19. Great post! And I like all the photos, even mine! ; )

  20. Thanks for the photos, K!