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Bacon and Tomato Sandwiches
Friday Food Porn

At this time of the year, my garden is bursting with tomatoes. In fact right now I have literally hundreds of tomatoes on the plants, and they’re turning red at the rate of about ten a day. Soon I’ll be making slow roasted tomatoes to freeze, which can be turned into a number of delicious concoctions next winter. But for now, I can’t think of anything better than a bacon and tomato sandwich, slathered with mayonnaise, accompanied by a Diet Coke with lime.

Of course, the South Beach Diet doesn’t really recommend bacon or mayonnaise, but I did use 100% whole wheat bread! This is an indulgence, and one that only lasts a short while each year. I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

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11 comments on “Bacon and Tomato Sandwiches
Friday Food Porn”

  1. Oops, sorry Pam and Sher, I must be getting feeble minded. Sher, it was partly your sandwich photo which got me going. Pamela, I didn’t have lettuce, but I would put some on if I had it.

  2. Genie, I am eating at least one a day myself.

    JMom, I will write about the roasted tomatoes for sure. Alanna at a Veggie Venture has written about them too.

    Nerissa, actually I would have loved to have been French. Sigh.

    Jan- thanks for letting me know you liked it. Your variation sounds intersting. I’ll have to try it.

    Pille, so sorry. I wish I could send you some tomatoes.

  3. Lucky you for having all those tomatoes in your garden! I missed the farmers market this morning (slept in, ooops), and the stuff on offer in my local supermarket didn’t look ripe & ready at all. Sulk:(

  4. What a great sandwich!!! I would add lettuce to make it a BLT, which is my favourite sandwich filling at them moment

  5. Sigh. I had just about gotten BLT’s out of my system–and now you do this!

  6. I tried your cucumber and cilantro salad tonight and loved the fresh Asian taste. I did not have enought cucumbers, so a added a few snow peas instead. Still great!!

  7. A small indulgence for a short window of time *g* that makes you sound very French.

    I’m sure it was very good. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a sandwich, would you believe it? And me, who has a thing for smoked meat.

    I’ll bet the tomates were the only thing happy in the heat wave.

  8. oh, I look forward to these sandwiches all year!! you’re right, they are a sinful indulgence, especially when you use real bacon 🙂

    Please be sure to share how you do the slow roasted tomatoes before freezing them. I’m having the same delightful problem as yours with tomatoes. They are just loving this heat wave!

  9. Kalyn, I’m with you — take advantage of the season and enjoy those sandwiches! I ate bacon-spinach-tomato-avocado sandwiches for dinner almost every night this week, and plan to continue the fun over the weekend and next week.

    I usually just sub in that Morningstar Farms faux bacon, not for any vegetarian-related reason, but just because it seems a little less decadent that way, but still gets the flavor taken care of.


    The Inadvertent Gardener

  10. Dianne, actually (THIS is why I love the South Beach Diet) the avocado would probably make it better for South Beach because adding something with a lower glycemic index (the avocado) will lower the total glycemic index of the whole meal. And avocados would be considered a “good fat” on South Beach. Of course, fat = calories, so if you’re counting those it would rack it up a bit more.

  11. The sandwich loks gorgeous, and I’m sure this isnt in line with South Beach. But. Try adding slices of avocado to a bacon and tomato sandwich … just an idea that I picked up on my travels a few years ago!


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