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Baby Kale, White Bean, and Tuna Salad

Baby Kale, White Bean, and Tuna Salad has lemon to perk up the flavors, and this is a tasty combination of healthy ingredients that’s perfect for lunch! 

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Baby Kale, White Bean, and Tuna Salad finished salad in bowl

Besides the obvious seasonal vegetables, there are a few other ingredients that just feel like summer foods to me. One of them is my beloved Tuna Packed in Olive Oil.  From the time I discovered this product over five years ago, I’ve enjoyed it in a variety of summer salads, often eaten for lunch out on the porch or the back deck.

Then earlier this year I got infatuated with Earthbound Farm Ready-to-use Organic Mixed Baby Kales, and this Baby Kale, White Bean, and Tuna Salad with Lemon turned out to be a perfect marriage of two of my favorite products. This new salad combination was inspired by my previous favorite white bean and tuna salad but this time baby kale is adding a touch of greens flavor instead of parsley.  If you like kale, white beans, tuna packed in olive oil, and lemon, this nutritious salad needs to go on your “must-try” list!

What is Baby Kale?

Baby Kale is simply kale leaves that are picked when they’re small. They’re more tender than larger kale leaves, and you don’t have to cut away the ribs the way you do with bigger pieces of kale. Here’s more about different types of kale and how to use them.
Baby Kale, White Bean, and Tuna Salad with Lemon process shots collage

How to Make Baby Kale, White Bean, and Tuna Salad with Lemon:

(Scroll down for complete recipe with nutritional information.)

  1. Rinse a can of white beans with cold water until no more foam appears, then let the beans drain while you make the dressing.
  2. Zest the skin and squeeze the juice from one large lemon.
  3. Then whisk the lemon juice and zest with the mayo, olive oil, and some coarse ground black pepper.
  4. Put the beans in a bowl and toss with 2 T of the dressing and let them marinate while you prep other ingredients.
  5. Drain a 5 oz. can or two 3 oz. cans of white tuna and flake it apart a little with a fork.  I love it so much I buy Genova Tuna Packed in Olive Oil (affiliate link) from Amazon.com!
  6. Chop up 1/4 cup finely diced red onion. If you’re using a packaged baby kale it may not need to be washed, but I like to crisp it by soaking in cold water in the salad spinner and then spinning dry.
  7. Toss the baby kale with the remaining dressing, or enough to moisten all the leaves.
  8. Toss in the white beans and red onions.
  9. Then toss in the drained tuna.
  10. Season the salad with salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste and serve.

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Baby Kale, White Bean, and Tuna Salad with Lemon found on KalynsKitchen.com

Baby Kale, White Bean, and Tuna Salad

Yield 4 servings
Prep Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes

This Baby Kale, White Bean, and Tuna Salad has lemon for extra flavor, and this is a tasty combination with some of my favorite healthy ingredients.



  • 5 oz. package organic mixed baby kales
  • 5 oz. can tuna packed in olive oil (see notes)
  • one 15 oz. can white beans
  • 1/4 cup finely diced red onion

Dressing Ingredients

  • 1 large lemon
  • 1 T mayo
  • 3 T olive oil
  • fresh ground black pepper to taste


  1. Drain the beans into a colander placed in the sink; then rinse with cold water until no more foam appears and let the beans drain.
  2. Zest the skin (yellow part only) and squeeze the juice from 1 large lemon.
  3. Put the juice and zest into a small dish, whisk in the mayo and olive oil and season the dressing with black pepper to taste.
  4. Put the drained beans into a bowl and stir in 2 tablespoons of dressing and let the beans marinate.
  5. Drain the tuna and finely chop the red onion.
  6. If desired, rinse the baby kale with cold water in a salad spinner and spin dry or dry with paper towels. (Some kale may not need to be washed, but I like to crisp it with cold water.)
  7. Toss the baby kale with enough dressing to moisten all the leaves.
  8. Then toss in the beans and red onion.
  9. Gently mix in the tuna, season the salad to taste with salt and fresh ground black pepper.
  10. Serve.
  11. This salad will keep overnight in the fridge, although it’s better freshly made.
  12. If you want to take it to work for a lunch salad, I would toss together the beans, dressing, red onion, and tuna and refrigerate that in a small container separately from the kale; then mix it all together right before you want to eat it.


I used  Earthbound Farm Ready-to-use Organic Mixed Baby Kales  and  Genova Tuna Packed in Olive Oil (affiliate link)  for this recipe. You can use two 3 oz. cans of tuna if you prefer.

Recipe created by Kalyn.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 333Total Fat: 18gSaturated Fat: 3gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 14gCholesterol: 16mgSodium: 526mgCarbohydrates: 28gFiber: 7gSugar: 2gProtein: 17g

Nutrition information is automatically calculated by the Recipe Plug-In I am using. I am not a nutritionist and cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, since many variables affect those calculations.

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Low-Carb Diet / Low-Glycemic Diet / South Beach Diet Suggestions:
Every ingredient in this Baby Kale, White Bean, and Tuna Salad with Lemon would be approved for all phases of the  original South Beach Diet or other low-glycemic diets. To make this a low-carb salad, omit the beans and use more tuna.

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    17 Comments on “Baby Kale, White Bean, and Tuna Salad”

  1. Our local Costco has the tuna in 7 oz cans, four for 13.99. Genova tonno solid light tuna in olive oil. Sure wish they would stock the baby kale.

  2. Carlene, I did reply to you on Facebook. I buy the baby kale at Fresh Market in Salt Lake, and now the Costco here has it too. Not sure if the Bountiful Costco would have it, but they might. I love kale, there are lots of recipes using it on the blog. I do think it's kind of an acquired taste though! Thanks for the nice thoughts about the blog. How fun for the kids to learn Chinese!

    I would be thrilled if I could find this tuna at Costco! Maybe I'll try asking for it.

  3. I have been getting Tonno Genova at my Costco.

  4. I sent a message, but I think it got lost out there in cyberland – I went to a class and they gave kale 1000 points for the most nutrious food – ice cream got a zero. This recipe sounds good – where did you get your baby kale ? The kale I bought at Smith's was a little bitter – so I need to find this that you used in your recipe.
    I sure enjoy Kalyn's Kitchen. Aren't you glad we're not getting ready for school. Shauna's twins are 5 now and they got in Chinese Emergence at Jenny P. Stewart. They will go to school from 10 – 3:25 – it should be interesting.

  5. Kalyn the brand is Harvest Sensations….it's the first time I saw it in Kroger's. Their website is www.harvestsensations.com you might be able to see if a store near you has it.

  6. Barb I haven't seen that kale salad mix, but it sounds like something I would LOVE! And I'm in envy of your source for real Italian tuna in olive oil. How lucky!

  7. Kalyn the salad looks delicious. I picked up a package of Organic Kale salad which had shredded carrots and red cabbage in it at Kroger's yesterday and I'm going to use it for the salad. It came with a packet of sesame vinaigrette but I'm going to use your dressing instead.
    I have friends that visit me from Italy every summer and they keep me supplied with Italian tuna. The brand they bring is Rio and the can are 3 oz. They also bring the fillets of tuna packed in a glass jar and tubes of Tuna Pate, which my 6 yo granddaughter just LOVES. She eats it right out of the tube. 🙂

  8. I've made tuna and white bean salad before, so I love the addition of baby kale for an even healthier salad!

  9. Thanks Eileen. I loved it!

  10. This salad sounds so good! I like how the combination of white beans and lemon seems almost Mediterranean–but then the kale gives it a whole extra dimension.

  11. Thanks Joanne, so glad you like the idea. So simple but good!

    Trixie I like Best Foods (Hellmans in the east) but I did notice that the Fine Cooking magazine staff picked Kraft in a blind taste test, so I sometimes buy that when it's on sale.

  12. What is your mayo of choice?

  13. I love all of these ingredients so you're right…it's definitely a must try!

  14. CJ, hope you enjoy!

  15. I just picked up kale and cannelini beans. Had a craving for both. Guess what's for dinner? Oh yum! 😉

  16. Mimi, I have turned into something of a kale evangelist, and I loved it with this combination!

  17. I used kale in a dish for the first time four years ago, and it was wonderful. It was made with pasta, and I think lentils, but I have no idea where I got the recipe.

    This sounds even better!