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Recipe-Saving Alternatives to Ziplist (Things I’m Thinking About)

Say goodbye to Ziplist, which has sadly been discontinued by the company.

If you’re a reader who’s been using the Ziplist Recipe Box or Shopping List feature you should have received an e-mail from Ziplist with this official announcement telling you they’re discontinuing those services on December 10.  I was completely surprised by the news, and want to share information here to make sure people know what do to to keep the recipes you’ve saved.  

I will keep the Ziplist links in the right sidebar until they become inactive on December 10. (If you click one of those links you’ll see a pop-up with information about how to Save Your Ziplist Data.  If you enter your e-mail address there before December 10, Ziplist will e-mail you a file with your recipe data.)

Once you’ve gotten the file from Ziplist, you have quite a few options for a new service to use to store and save recipes.


Ziplist is suggesting you transfer your recipes to a recipe box at Epicurious.com. Information can be found here about how to do that.


My personal choice for a site to save recipes is Pinterest.com, and thousands of you are following Kalyn’s Kitchen on Pinterest.  Pinterest is an online bulletin board site where you “pin” recipes + photos to  “boards” you create and categorize as you wish.   It’s free and you can pin from anywhere on the web.  To pin recipes from Kalyn’s Kitchen, use the large P that shows up when you hover over a photo (for desktop) or use the square red P at the top of the post (for mobile or desktop.)


Another site I’ve used for years to save things from the web is Delicious.  Delicious doesn’t save the photo as Pinterest does, but if you just want recipe links to access later it’s easy and free, and you can use tags to sort your saved links into categories.


Evernote Food is a free app that many people use to save recipes.  To save recipes to Evernote on Kalyn’s Kitchen, click the green icon that’s at the end of the row of sharing buttons above each post and Evernote is one of the choices. 


The Paprika app is another option to save recipes all over the web, and it has a grocery list feature similar to what Ziplist offered.

More Options

My friend Lydia from The Perfect Pantry has written in depth about these recipe-saving options (and quite a few of her readers have chimed in with ideas) in her post on Life After Zipist.  Check out that if you still need help making up your mind.  But don’t wait too long, because Ziplist data won’t be available after December 10!
Thanks to the Ziplist employees who have provided good service through the years and have done all they can to make sure people are informed about this.  
If you’ve tried other good recipe-saving options, please share your experience and the link in the comments!
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    40 Comments on “Recipe-Saving Alternatives to Ziplist (Things I’m Thinking About)”

  1. This is rather a late comment, but are you thinking of implementing the Paprika specification in your site to allow easier download? I really like your recipes, and I would love not having to copy them into Paprika manually!

    • Cora, glad you are enjoying the recipes. There are so many different ways to save recipes, and after this experience with Ziplist I am not planning to add another one to the site. (I am pretty sure Paprika uses recipe formatting my site doesn't currently have, and I can't add that extra code to over 2,000 recipes, sorry!)

    • Kalyn,
      I totally understand your approach and that your time is better spent on other things then adding code to all your recipes…
      Let's hope that Paprika comes up with a better way of manually adding recipes. At the moment it is a bit cumbersome. But apart that, I am very content with the app!

  2. Meal Planner Pro provides the best solution to download and save ZipList recipes. It''s completely free and they make it super easy to import all of your ZiplList recipes. They also offer all of the same great features that ZipList had such as a full-featured recipe box, grocery lists organized by aisle, recipe clipper, recipe search engine, meal planning calendar, nutrition facts and much more.

    All of my saved Kalyn's Kitchen recipes display and work perfectly.

    You can check out their ZipList download instruction page here…


  3. spoonacular is another free option – recipe saving extension/bookmarklet, meal planner with nutritional information and shopping list, recipe search engine/recipe boxes… we'd love to be included on this list 🙂 hope this helps someone!

  4. The feature I liked most about Ziplist was the ability to generate a shopping list and have it automatically link to your Smartphone. I was very pleased to see that Epicurious works the same way. I can generate a shopping list from a chosen recipe, selecting what I do/don't need, and find it categorized on my phone in the Epi app. A great option if you loved that Ziplist feature or one to try if you haven't. And like Ziplist, you can save recipes from other sites or create your own.

  5. Hey Kalyn! Please consider adding my own free plugin to the list, Recipe Hero – http://recipehero.in/ 🙂

  6. I've tried three of these services now. Having trouble getting my recipes importing to Pepperplate, but they are looking into the problem. Thought I'd mention that with Meal Planner Pro, they all seemed to go in, but you have to do some adjusting of the data with some recipes.

    For example, all of my recipes from this site went in with each recipe title being "Kalyn Denny" – so I have a lot of adjusting to do with those!

    • Oh dear, sorry to hear that; no idea what would cause them to have my name first. Hope you find one that works well, thanks for sharing your experience.

    • I tried four different services (I also uploaded my recipes to Epicurious) and I think the winner is CopyMeThat. They personally took my zip file and imported it, including looking up the original recipes and getting (most if not) all the information. That's 110%, to me.

    • Ann, glad you found one you're 110% happy with!

    • Hello Ann, We here at Meal Planner Pro were sorry to here of the problems with uploading your saved Kalyn's Kitchen recipes. We've since completed customization work to correct the issue.

      Please check out your Recipe Box on Meal Planner Pro and let us know if everything is formatted correctly. We've also added a Help Center that let's users inform us of any ZipList upload problems so that we can fix them.

      Meal Planner Pro has so much more to offer than our competitors for content and features. We hope that you'll give us another try. It's completely free to use.

      Commodore Allen

  7. I have been using Paprika for a couple years now and there are a couple features that I really enjoy. I have the app on my phone, tablet and computer and they all sync together so even if I'm at the grocery store I can look up a recipe I have saved. Also, I love the weekly meal planner that is part of it. When you use that it will automatically compile all the ingredients from the recipes you plan to make that week and make a shopping list for you which makes grocery shopping a breeze.

  8. I loved Ziplist and found it so easy to use until they discontinued their meal planning part of it over the summer. Then I found Pepperplate and am happy using that. The website and their app works great and it's very easy to save recipes to it.

  9. Copymethat.com is FANTASTIC! They will copy your ziplist recipes to their website. You don't have to do anything!

  10. Hi – I'd like to recommend Plan to Eat. It has a great bookmarklet to save pretty much any recipe you might find on the internet from your computer. I currently have about 500 recipes saved there. I have some from this blog also.

  11. I've transitioned to using the Print feature of Chrome that allows me to save as a PDF. I've constructed a set of file folders that meets my needs to separate recipes. I can then use Windows Explorer to search my recipes quite nicely.

  12. Great suggestions Kalyn, it will be different without Ziplist! I've already started using Epicurious, still would like to check your other suggestions . Thank for sharing!

  13. I have been using Pepperplate for years! There are phone apps that coorespond to the site as well. I pin on pinterest and then upload (either manual or automatic) into Pepperplate. then I can plan weekly menus and one click shopping list creation that i can view while in the store.

  14. I have transitioned to Copy Me That and have been very pleased and am looking forward to the Copy Me That mobile app debuting in January 2015. I tried Epicurious whose Android app is useless and whose iPhone app is frustrating.

  15. I stopped using Ziplist a few years ago and switched to Pepperplate. It's great ~ much better than Ziplist ever was.

  16. Thanks for mentioning my post about Ziplist. My readers have added some of their favorite options in the comments.

  17. Great post, Kalyn, we do get so accustomed to certain ways of doing things … and then go on. My replacement for Google Reader was Feedly, for Flickr (which ^%$$* hasn’t let me sign in for more than a year despite a paid subscription) is nothing. I didn’t use Ziplist but will also say I use the regular Evernote for saving recipes (and anything else I want to save) and LOVE it.