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Announcing a More Mobile-Friendly Design and New Visual Recipe Index Categories for Kalyn’s Kitchen!

A new mobile-friendly design for Kalyn’s Kitchen and now you can sort recipe thumbnails by diet type and category!



A Brand New Design for Kalyn’s Kitchen!
If you’re reading this post then the new-and-improved site design for Kalyn’s Kitchen has launched! And about 40-45% of you usually access the site on your phone, so the new design has been carefully planned to make it easier to use Kalyn’s Kitchen on mobile devices of all types, while hopefully still displaying well on tablets and desktop computers.

Visual Recipe Index:

The photo above shows the new feature that I’m most excited about, the ability to sort recipes by diet type and sort recipes by category in a new visual recipe index.


Under Recipes by Diet Type you can sort by Can be Paleo (grain-free and dairy-free recipes), Gluten-Free, Low-Carb, Meatless, Phase One Fridays (SBD Phase One), or Vegan.  (I’m planning to add a couple more diet type categories, but that involves adding new tags to over 2,000 recipes so it won’t be happening right away.  Let me know in a comment if there’s a category you’d really find useful, thanks!)


Under Recipes by Photo you can see all the categories, including other things like Can Freeze, Easy to Cook, Favorites, and Slow Cooker.


(Some categories have over 1,000 results, so we’re still editing to add pagination which will give 100 recipe thumbnails at a time, with the newest results displaying first.  Be patient while Jennette works on that!)

Other Design Changes I Hope Will be Useful:

We changed the blog to 2 columns and increased photo and font size for better usability on mobile devices.


The Recipe Index from the left sidebar now opens in the center column for easier use on a phone.


We combined some tabs to make the new ones that are larger for easier reading on a phone.  (Some combined tabs and sidebar elements are now found under More from Kalyn.)


I expanded the information under the tab South Beach/Low-Carb Info to add an easy place to access the monthly Deliciously Healthy Low-Carb Recipes round-ups.


For people who like to cook with seasonal ingredients, recipe archives arranged by month are now located under the tab Recipe Archives.

More About Reading this Blog on Mobile Phones:

If you’re using a phone or tablet that uses Safari, you can enable Reader View for an even more mobile-optimized view of Kalyn’s Kitchen.  You can only choose Reader View when you’re already clicked into the recipe post though; click the top recipe title if you don’t see this option.  I discovered this by accident, but I was pretty excited when I found it.

Kudos to Everyone Who Helped:

(Thanks to Jennette Fulda from Makeworthy Media, who keeps both my blogs running and did the coding work for the new site, as well as SEO Consultant Julianne Puckett, Visual Recipe Index Guru Mary Younkin, and my brother and designer extraordinaire Rand Denny, all of whom contributed to the effort.)

Got Feedback?
So what do you think? If you have feedback, I’d love to hear suggestions or other thoughts it in the comments!

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6 comments on “Announcing a More Mobile-Friendly Design and New Visual Recipe Index Categories for Kalyn’s Kitchen!”

  1. Love the new design! Great job!

  2. Congratulations on the new format! I can't wait to poke around and check out all of the new features.

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