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20 Things That Are Always in My Fridge

When I first started my blog, I did a post where I listed 20 things that are always in my fridge. This was during the time I was still actively dieting (as opposed to what I am doing now: passively eating delicious low carb food.) I was motivated to write the piece by people who kept asking me, “Just what DO you eat?” When I started thinking about writing a month’s worth of posts around the topic Who Knew Low Carb Could Taste So Good, I decided to revisit that list. I find it’s still pretty current. The one thing on the original list that I rarely buy now now is sugar-free Jello. When I was first eating the lower carb way, I enjoyed this as something that tasted sweet but had very few carbs. Now I would be more likely to eat an apple if I wanted something sweet. Still, some of the sugar free Jello flavors are pretty good.

I recommend the foods on this list especially if you are having a hard time with thinking of what to eat for snacks. I found that the planned snacks (between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner) was one of the things I loved about the South Beach diet. Those snacks felt like treats, and kept me from getting overly hungry or craving foods that weren’t allowed, especially during phase one of the diet. If you look in the mini-refrigerator in my classroom you would find nuts and cheese always, even now when I don’t really need the snacks so much.

Your own list of the things you should always have in the fridge may be different, depending on your own food preferences. But if you are serious about losing weight, I urge you to get serious about stocking up on some low carb foods that can help you avoid feeling deprived and be sure those things are always in your fridge.


  1. Diet coke with lime (just trying to be honest here)
  2. Fat free or regular half and half (mostly for coffee, but also for cooking)
  3. Eggs, to make egg muffins or breakfast casseroles
  4. Lettuce, washed and ready for salads
  5. Cardini’s Caesar dressing (This is one of my all time favorite dressings. For years I felt guilty eating it because it’s relatively high in fat. Now I eat it all the time and enjoy it every time.)
  6. Ranch Dip (made from Hidden Valley packet, but I add some mayo besides the sour cream because that’s how my Grandma Denny made it)
  7. Veggies to dip in the Ranch Dip, usually snow peas, mini sweet peppers from Costco, and celery, cut up and put in little baggies
  8. Baggies of nuts to eat for a snack (My favorites are cashews and dry roasted almonds. I measure them with 1/4 cup measuring cup rather than count them out as South Beach recommends, but it seems to be working for me.)
  9. String cheese or Precious brand Cheddar sticksters for snacks.
  10. Feta cheese (I use it mostly for omelets and salads like American Greek Salad, but sometimes just for a snack.)
  1. Cucumbers (I’m mad about cucumbers and use them in salads)
  2. Egg casserole to eat for breakfast.
  3. Sugar free jello pudding, the kind you mix with milk (chocolate fudge is my favorite flavor)
  4. Diet A & W Root Beer (When you’re really craving something sweet, this tastes like heaven.)
  5. Low carb tortillas (I recommend Mission brand or Carb Chopper brand. I use them to make “egg burritos to die for” which I freeze and re-heat for breakfast. They are also great to make the crust for low-carb pizza. Watch for my new variation of the low carb pizza recipe coming this month.)
  6. Shredded low fat cheddar and mozarella cheese
  7. Low carb yogurt (Kroger Carb Master brand is my favorite.)
  8. Popsicle brand sugar free “Tropicals” popsicles.
  9. Low carb peanut butter (I eat it on celery.)
  10. Buttermilk (I use it to make Hidden Valley Ranch dressing and homemade blue cheese dressing.)
It’s Friday at last! The week after Christmas vacation is a tough one for teachers and students, but my students have been great this week. I’m going to reward them with a fun art project today. In my food blog life, the weekend means it’s time to think about what kind of herb, plant, veggie, or flower to write about for Weekend Herb Blogging. I have a couple of ideas in the back of my mind, but I’m also going to try to make it to the Asian market this weekend, so that may give me some more ideas.

If you’d like to join the fun for Weekend Herb Blogging, it’s simple. Just photograph and write about any herb, plant, veggie, or flower sometime over the weekend, and link your post to Kalyn’s Kitchen with the words “Weekend Herb Blogging”. Then send me the permalink (kalynskitchen AT comcast DOT net) by midafternoon on Sunday (Utah time) and I will include you in the recap of herb blogging posts from around the world.
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8 comments on “20 Things That Are Always in My Fridge”

  1. Diet Coke with Lime is one of the greatest concoctions ever, isn’t it?

  2. Green Jell-O is “salad” in SLC, right? It’s a green.

  3. Now some of you may not realize this, but jello is the state desert in Utah. The Utah State legislature declared it, and Bill Cosby even came for the official bill signing. (We’ve got a one party system here, which is why the state leg has time for this frivolous nonsense.) I wrote that with just a tiny bit of bitterness.

  4. I love Diet coke with lime! I used to add lime/lemon juice to diet cokes before they came out with that combo!

  5. When they came out with blue Jell-O some time back, I had to try it. I hadn’t tasted Jell-O in y-e-a-r-s. The flavoring (I forget, artificial berry?) was not so bad, but I couldn’t get past the up-front taste of gelatine! It was so prominent. I had never even realized gelatine had a detectable flavor. Animal-y. (Or: Maybe it was a bad box.)

  6. In Texas, green jell-o becomes a salad when you add diced pears.

    Orange jell-o is salad when you add shredded carrots.

    At least that’s how I was taught when I was growing up!

  7. What is “low-carb peanut butter”? is it made with “low-carb” peanuts?

  8. Low Carb peanut butter means the peanut butter doesn’t have added sugar. It should be only 5-6 carbs in 2 T. Skippy Carb Options is low in sugar, but it contains trans fat. I usually buy Adams Natural Peanut butter which has 6 carbs in 2 T.

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